Monday, December 15, 2008

Completion of a sort

I haven't blogged in a while for a few reasons. They all stem from my lazy gene, so I won't list them.

Tonight I finished my RL progression. I am now able to fly with Pilots-in-Command (PCs) in my unit that are not Instructor Pilots (IPs). I have truly enjoyed the regular flying that progression provides. I have honed many of my skills, and identified many of the areas that need work. So, work is going well. I do have a worry, though. I was told that my name was mentioned in reference to the upcoming PC board. I do aspire to become a PC, and I want it quite badly, but... I don't feel ready for it right now. I want to study a bit more first. I realize that I am far more experienced and capable than many of the other PIs (Pilots- just pilots). This realization has come from flying in a position that I was able to observe them from. The nervousness, lack of knowledge, and difficulty controlling the helicopter are evident. I didn't see my experience, because everyone in Hawaii had progressed to the same or a higher level of experience together. Interesting... but enough pilot talk.

I have a friend, whom I will call Justin, who introduced me to hypnosis and the idea of using it in my life somehow. We have talked about hypnosis a few times. Yesterday, he came over to my house and brought some digital audio of hypnosis inductions. I now have them on this computer. I have d0ne little with them, due mainly to lack of time. When Justin was here, however, he suggested we watch a part of one of the files that had video explaining some concepts. In the video, the hypnotist slowly inducts two women into a hypnotic state. As she spoke, I became more focused on her, and I attributed this focus to my interest in what she was doing. Justin said something about not listneining too intently, and as I turned to look at him, I felt myself coming out of a slight trance-like state. His timing was impeccable. I still have much research to do on the subject, but am quite interested.