Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scottich Sponge Bread

Recently, I started a search for a specific recipe. It is a good, but uncommon recipe for bread called "Scottish Sponge Bread". My wife made it many times before I left Hawaii, and she forgot the recipe when she came to Korea three months later.
I suggested that she look online. Her reply was like a light switch turning on in my brain. She said, "Alpha said that I couldn't find it online." First, some background. I love Alpha. She is my wife's brother's wife. She is an only child raised liberally in California. Her upbringing was drastically different than that of mine, and of Gina. We don't always see eye to eye on little things like religion and politics. Hmm. I don't think there is much religiously or politically we agree on. This is ok, though. Family is family, and I try to accept others as they are. However, I did feel challenged when she mentioned that I could not do something. Very challenged.
I spent a little time on Google, and even used another search engine, in an exhaustive search using as many key word combinations as I could. I found a few websites all referencing a book, "Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book." No website had the actual recipe, but when I posted on someone's blog, she replied and happily gave it to me. Thank you, Maria.
Maria sent me the recipe, and I had my victory. What could be better than a personal victory to a challenge? Achieving that victory prior to my wife speaking with her brother again. To add a final touch, I also purchased the book online.

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Slater Blog said...

Hope it was worth the trouble, sounds like it is. :)