Monday, October 6, 2008

Forced Football

Today I watched my company football team play a game.  They wore orange jerseys and reminded me of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Our company had just returned from the field, and a quirk of regulations did not allow us to go home but would allow us to all attend the game.  We won.  I spent most of my time standing on the bleachers and either heckling the other team, or rating the cartoon shows most of us had seen as kids.  

The weather was cool.  I liked it.  I had to flex my abdominal, chest and arm muscles to keep my body from shivering.  The cool air was refreshing.  The football atmosphere was fun, and brought back many memories.  

Earlier today I saw several news stories from the BBC, CNN, and FOX about our american presidential candidates.  I wish a candidate represented all that I feel is important or needs to be accomplished.  My aunt Irene once wrote down her political ideals, and had no problem promoting them.  I think I need to do the same thing.  I believe doing so will help me understand myself a bit better, and make clear to my loved ones what is important to me politically. 

Lastly, I am watching Manchester United win against Blackburn.  Nice.  The crowds at British football (soccer) games are amazing.  Always loud.  Even in the rain.  Man Untd is one of three teams I like: Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal.  

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Hendricksonblog said...

Remember when your vocabulary was such that even the lay people understood it.
I dont even know what your blog title means.....I could look it up but I wont.