Friday, May 7, 2010

Ha! I found today that I have 1 follower. Nice. I used to have about 3. Maybe 4. That would mean my silence cost me 3/4 of my followers. On the other hand, I now know who is dedicated.

I no longer feel free to say what I wish on Facebook. I have become friends with everyone I can from highschool, family, and work. The people I interface with span a large spectrum. My buddies at work who go out drinking, whoring, and whatever else are on FB. My mom is on FB. My wife, my church friends are on FB. I don't feel like I can say too much, because one group or another may learn something they shouldn't, may hear something that offends, or... flashback- arguing points at work... or may cause me undue stress. I must write here. I care not who sees this, the offense may happen, and may happen to many. I must be me.

Gina and I went on a date last night. Fun. Watched Ironman 2. I don't mind the Hangul subtitles anymore. I read in the news that the Korean movies will start having english subtitles. That would be really cool. Gina and I saw a Bollywood movie called "Black". The Indian culture likes the english language, and much like Korea, many people speak it to some extent. The subtitle were Hangul, so we had to rely on the cinematography to tell the story, with a few english words interlaced. Fun movie. Now, I can go see Korean movies, and understand what is happening. I haven't seen one yet.

Last night as Gina and I walked around, I realized I am going to miss this country. Korea is so different from what I was told. My dad served here in the 70's, and up north by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). My parents would not recognize the country today. I am quite used to Korea. I believe I could expat here, but I don't think Gina could.

Work has forced a big decision on me. Stay in or get out. I rarely thought about leaving the army early. I figured that as long as I wanted the army, it would want me. I have been passed up for promotion for the second time. Now, what? I have been offered the option to stay in at the same rank. I may also get out. Many factors are involved, and Gina and I are exploring them. This is no longer about the army, its about me and my family. What is best for us? What truly is best for us? I am very unsure right now.

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Hendricksonblog said...

Sounds not fun. I hate those moments when it seems like you are a real adult. You know where you have to decide things that affect other people. I am not a fair weather friend but I have to say I dont think I am a follower either. Tell Gina hi.